We photographed Gerard Way (who is the former frontman of My Chemical Romance and now releasing a solo album) for a feature in NME and it was one of those shoots where everything aligned perfectly and all of us were vibing and having fun and creating so many different looks in a little amount of time just because it was fun. We’ve got so much more to share from this one, stay tuned… | Brinson + Banks

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if you would rather have another MCR album than have Gerard alive then I’m sorry but you are a very sick individual.

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No one tell Gerard to get the band back together 

No one give shit to Gerard for his decision to end MCR


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Why has no one talked about how cute this was

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hi it's the "old mcr fan" again and I remember when he said it he kinda slipped it into the conversation and it was kinda just pushed to the side like it didn't really matter but he def said he was straight out bi. From what I remember I don't think it was a foreign mag.

oh well that changes things. I dunno tbh. but i can imagine him saying something like that and then passing it off as a joke. and i can kind of imagine him saying that and being 100% serious when he was young. but ever since the stage gay with Gerard, at least, their sexuality has become a touchy subject for both of them so i doubt we’ll ever know :( <3

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I wouldn't think for a moment frank is completely heterosexual From 8th grade by Pencey prep to saying he had a crush on gerard to 830 other things that boy is not straight

agreed. <3

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frankhub replied to your post:

I don’t think he ever said that

yeah i didn’t think he said that either, and the person who told me just informed me that it was apparently said in a foreign magazine so it’s probably just a case of wrong translation. oh well :/

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the interview wasn't in English so there were debates about how legit it was

oh yeah i remember that now. so maybe he didn’t say it then. it might have just been one of those lost in translation things. aw man i dunno :/

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Three Cheers For 10 Years Of Revenge → 06/08/2004 x
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Sorry but I couldn’t get over Gerard’s hand thing

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hi im an old mcr fan and i remember i believe it was in an old oldddd mag interview that frank said he was bi. it may have been revenge era or earlier than that even.

ooh wow. thank you! so he actually did say he was bi. wow…

Can you remember why he said it? like what were the circumstances and actual words? Was he asked outright about it or was he joking or…? i have so many questions haha. man i’d love to read that interview if anyone has it?

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Just wanna ask someone who might know, I know there's a lotta fuss about Gee's sexuality like how he's never admitted anything and how he always avoids the question etc. but what's the deal with Frank? He seems to stay out of it, has he ever told about whether he's straight/bi or anything?

Well, i heard a rumor that he admitted to being bi, but i’m pretty sure that’s all it was, a rumor. As far as i know, Frank’s never said anything about his sexuality. I don’t think he’s ever said he’s bi or straight or whatever. He just avoids it. So we’re just led to believe he’s straight because he’s married. But he obviously ain’t 100% straight. Maybe Gerard’s just his exception, but he is definitely gay for Gerard in my opinion.




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